More about litter

Litter bins

What you can do

Use public litter bins when you are out and about.

Don't put your household waste into, or next to, a public litter bin. This is classed as fly tipping and may result in fines being issued to offenders and the removal of the bin.

If you would like to make a suggestion about litter bins, possible sites for new bins or have noticed problems with misuse then please contact us

New bins

When asked to install a litter bin we take into consideration certain factors:

  • Will the bin make a real impact on the litter problems in that area?
  • Will there be any objections from neighbours?
  • Will the bin be regularly damaged?
  • Litterbins can be installed onto street furniture such as lampposts but cannot be installed on telegraph poles

What we do

We encourage businesses who sell food to provide customers with a litter bin, either within their shop or outside, which is their responsibility to maintain and empty.

Litter bins in parks and open spaces in Hinckley and Burbage Common are looked after by our Clean Neighbourhood team. 

Other types of litter bins that can be found in Hinckley & Bosworth Borough are:

  • Recycle on the go - specialised 'on street' recycling bins in busy shopping areas
  • Cigarette butt bins (installed in high footfall areas)

Parish or town councils

Litter bins outside Hinckley or Burbage Common are maintained by the relevant parish or town council, who should arrange the emptying of litter bins, dog waste bins and litter-picking in their own parks, recreation grounds and open spaces. If you have any queries then your point of contact will be the parish clerk.

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