Council tax support

When will my council tax support start?

For people of working age, your council tax support will normally start from the Monday following the date that you first contact us, as long as you return your claim form within one month of this date. The money will go straight to your council tax account. We will send you a notification letter explaining our decision, the amount that you are entitled to and how we have worked this out. The Council Tax section will send you a new bill showing what is left to pay towards your council tax bill.

Please note that the Job Centre no longer takes claims for help with council tax on our behalf, therefore you must contact us directly even if you are making a claim for Universal Credit or another state benefit.

Council tax support cannot normally be backdated unless you can provide special reasons (known as 'good cause') why you could not claim earlier.

For people over pension age, we can automatically backdate your benefit for three months prior to the date that you made your claim as long as you were living in the same property.

What if I do not agree with your decision about my council tax support?

You can ask for it to be explained or looked at again.

You can find out more information on the council tax support appeals and disputes page.

Is any extra help available if I still cannot afford my council tax?

You may be able to get extra, short term help through the discretionary discount fund

Last updated: 25/04/2024 08:01