Local land charges search

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A central website means you can easily make searches of the Local Land Charges Register in Leicestershire.

Visit Leicestershire Land and Property Searches to request local land charges searches for all properties in Leicestershire in one place.

When buying, leasing or mortgaging property or land in Leicestershire, you (or your legal representatives) can submit your search request in one place, instead of contacting the relevant local authority to carry out a property search.

Property searches are required to find out if there are any matters affecting a building or plot of land such as tree preservation orders, listed building status and planning applications.

All the district and borough authorities in Leicestershire along with the city and county council have worked together to form the new LeicesterShire Land and Property Searches Partnership with the aim of providing searches that are faster, accurate, trustworthy and insured by the local authority.

The project has been delivered with support from the Access to Services Programme which aims to simplify customer access to information, create savings and encourage public and voluntary sector partners to work more closely together.

Want to find out information on properties under EIR? Visit our EIR and property searches page.

Copies of legal documents

Copies of our s106 agreements are available on planning online under the relevant planning application reference. 

For copies of other legal agreements or documents referred to in search results, please contact us: contact form 

Where possible, we will email a copy of the document to you free of charge.

For copies of s38 Agreements or other highways related matters please contact Leicestershire County Council.