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Recycling - kerbside service

Blue lidded recycling wheeled bin

We provide blue lidded wheeled bins for recycling to all homes in the borough. 

Sorting, storing and moving the recycling is a much easier and cleaner process for everyone using this container.


There are two sizes of recycling wheeled bins:

  • 240 litre bin (this is the standard size)
  • 140 litre bin (this is the slim size)

The above bins are the same height. The standard size will suit the majority of homes (240 litre bins is the standard size for the black refuse bins and the brown garden waste bins). If the slim recycling bin is more suitable you can request a smaller bin

Extra sets of recycling containers available without charge

If you have lots to recycle then we are happy to provide extra recycling containers (bin and/or bag) free of charge.

Wash your recycling items prior to disposal

This helps in the following ways:

  • Keeps your wheeled bin clean
  • Reduces smells
  • Makes the recycling process cleaner
  • The quality is not spoilt by dirty items

If possible, squash items like plastic milk bottles so they take up less room in your recycling containers.

For more information on our blue lidded recycling wheeled bin, please complete our waste services contact form or telephone customer services on 01455 238141.

Extra recycling containers

If you need extra space, you can use our reusable blue recycling bag as well as the bin. If you always have lots of recycling you can order extra recycling containers which are available free of charge.

Property not suitable for wheeled bin collections

Most of the properties in our borough have a recycling wheeled bin with the option of an additional recycling bag. However, properties unsuitable for wheeled bin collections are able to use our blue recycling bag and blue box containers. If your property is unsuitable for wheeled bin collections and you would like to request a blue box, please complete our waste services contact form

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