Taxi licences

Licences you need for your business

If you are looking to set up a business as a professional driver, you may need several different licences:

Hackney carriage licences

If you intend to pick up fares at a taxi rank, on the street or take bookings by telephone, you will need a Hackney carriage driver's licence and a proprietors licence for your vehicle. A licensed Hackney carriage driver will be issued a dual Licence (badge) to drive both taxis and private hire vehicles

Private hire licences

If you intend to be a driver who will only take pre-booked work, then you will need a private hire drivers licence (to drive the vehicle). If you hold a private hire driver’s licence then you can only drive a private hire vehicle, not a hackney carriage vehicle.

You will also need to licence a vehicle as a private hire vehicle and a private hire operator's licence (which will enable you to take bookings). As an operator, you will be able to have other licensed drivers working for you.

If you are unsure which licence suits your needs, please contact the Licensing Team.

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