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We are currently working on a large volume of housing applications, and therefore there may be a delay in processing your case.

There is currently a delay of approximately 16 weeks for housing applications to be assessed once they hit the pending assessment status. We would politely request that you don't make contact for an update until this timescale has passed. We are unable to process applications where we do not have all the evidence uploaded and remain in a 'proofs outstanding status'. Incomplete applications will be automatically closed down, after being in this status for 28 days.

If you require assistance completing your application, or uploading evidence, please call 01455 238141 or complete our housing options contact form. Please don't make additional contact during this time, in order to allow us time to process cases. If it has been 16 weeks since your application was submitted and went into a pending assessment status and you have not received any contact, please contact us using the details above.

Before making contact, please check the letters' section of your application by going to 'Housing Register' and 'View' under the section 'Letters'. Please also check your emails (including junk folder) and any voicemails you may not have listened to, in case we have tried to make contact with you. 

You can view the status of your application by going to 'Housing Register', and the current status will be displayed to you in the top right-hand corner. If you see 'Join the Housing Register', this means you have no current application for housing. You can view the status of any previous applications and reason for closure by selecting this. Any previous letters sent to you can also be viewed. 

If you have a query regarding any information that has been requested in order to process your case, please complete our housing options contact form. Please include your name, address and application number.

If you are considering applying for a council or housing association property, you will need to complete an application. Details of how to do this are below.
If you are homeless or you feel your home is at risk, please register for homelessness assistance up to 56 days before your expect to lose your home. The sooner we can help the better.

Register for a home

To apply for council and housing association properties in Hinckley & Bosworth, you need to apply to go on our housing register. You will need to have a local connection to our borough and be eligible under immigration rules. Properties are allocated to interested applicants based on priority need. 

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Please note, we are currently receiving a high volume of applications, and therefore your application may take longer than usual to be assessed. We will not be processing applications where the proofs requested are not supplied, so please ensure that you upload all the documentation requested. If you require assistance with this, or should you be in urgent need of housing, please contact a member of the Housing Options Team on 01455 238141.


Homelessness assistance

We will support you and take reasonable steps to help prevent your homelessness.

We can help you remain in your current home or help you find alternative accommodation if you are already homeless.

The council can support you with a personal housing plan so you can work towards the next steps to prevent your homelessness or find alternative accommodation.

Register for homelessness assistance

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Search for properties

There are over 3,200 council homes in the borough, from one-bedroom flats and studios to three-bedroom family homes and supported bungalows.

We also provide homes exclusively for over 55s, sometimes described as sheltered housing.

Housing associations with homes in the borough include: Orbit, Midland Heart and Nottingham Community Housing Association. Many housing associations also provide shared ownership properties. You don’t need to be registered to search for current vacancies but you will need to register to bid for a property. 

Properties will be advertised from 28 November 2019.

Search for properties