Reporting repairs

Access to your home

Officers of our housing team, and any other person authorised by the council, may at some time need to access your home.

Under your tenancy agreement you must allow us access to the address. We will give you advance notice wherever possible.

The contractor who carries out the repair work will supply their own ladders and adequate dustsheets. We will ensure that your property is left clean and tidy at the end of each working day.


All council employees and contractors working on behalf of the council carry official identity cards that include their photographs. You are strongly advised to ask to see such a card before allowing anyone claiming to be from the council or any other organisation into your home.

Contractors should also be able to give you the name and phone number of a council officer that you can contact to check they are genuine.

If you are in any doubt about the identity of a caller do not let them in. Ask them to call again later, so you have time to check them out, and then shut the door on them.

Last updated: 16/10/2019 16:49