How to make a complaint or compliment


What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, action or lack of action by the council or its staff, affecting an individual customer or a group of customers.

Who can complain?

Anyone using the council's services can complain about a service, either in person or through a third party.

How do I complain?

To make your initial complaint you can complete our online complaints form. We will respond to you within 10 working days:

Make a complaint

Alternatively, you can send us a letter, contact us by telephone, email, in person or you can request a form from us: contact Committee Services

Anonymous complaints will be accepted but this can make it difficult for further action to be taken.

What happens next? 

View our customer complaints procedure

Further information

A complaint does not include:

  • Request for a service (for example: a replacement caddy or bin, a housing repair)
  • Request for information or explanation of council policy or practice
  • Matters for which there is a right of appeal within the council or to an independent tribunal
  • Matters relating to a request for a service that has been previously notified to the council and is awaiting action within an agreed timescale (for example, a non-urgent housing repair that may be actioned up to 28 days after notification)
  • Matters where the council is not the provider or commissioner of the service
  • Issues about the conduct of a serving borough or parish councillor (See details of how to make a complaint about a councillor)

If you require any further information, please contact us.

Last updated: 18/03/2019 10:18