Pollution Team

What our Pollution Team provides

The aim of the Pollution Team is to protect and improve the environment and the environmental health of the residents of the borough.
We deal with a large range of environmental protection issues, affecting both domestic and commercial/industrial premises and their occupants throughout the borough. Namely:

  • Pollution prevention and control: we issue permits which control pollution from certain industrial activities
  • Contaminated land: we have developed a strategy to identify all potentially contaminated sites in the borough
  • Air quality: we constantly review the air quality of the borough
  • Nuisance complaints: we can investigate your noise, smoke and noise nuisance complaints
  • Drainage: we can get involved in investigating drainage problems and have them remedied by the people responsible
  • Dog Warden: we collect contained stray dogs in our borough. We also issue and enforce animal welfare licences
  • Pest control: we offer a pest control treatment service for a variety of public health pests at a competitive price

Last updated: ‎09/08/2022 16:39