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Sign up to offer accommodation under the government's Homes for Ukraine scheme

The government has announced the new Homes for Ukraine scheme which allows people to offer a room in their home for refugees for a minimum of six months. The scheme offers a route to those who want to come to the UK who have someone here willing to provide a home. 

Those offering accommodation will be asked to provide accommodation for as long as they are able, but with a minimum expectation of six months. People offering rooms in their homes will not be paid rent, but will be offered an optional ‘thank you’ payment of £350 per month, increased to £500 if guest has been in the UK over 12 months, tax-free to accommodate one or more households. This is to be increased to £510 (or £660 if a guest has been in the UK over 12 months) over the winter period (November to March), to help sponsors with the cost of living. Sponsors are not expected to provide meals, however, may choose to do so.

British and Irish citizens, people with settled status in the UK, or organisations wanting to be sponsors who do not know anyone personally fleeing Ukraine can register this interest in being a sponsor. They will then be kept updated as the scheme develops. The scheme will be expanded with the support of charities, faith groups and local community organisations who can help to facilitate connections between individuals for potential sponsors who do not have a named contact. 

Further information:

Reset - a matching and training service for sponsors and refugees

Reset has launched a matching and training service to pair sponsors and refugees under the UK government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme. It has mobilised experts in safeguarding to assess sponsors and refugees to make sure that the matching is suitable. Reset will also provide a training service, drawing on the expertise of refugees at home, for sponsors, local councils, and community groups. Visit RESET (

Access to Hinckley & Bosworth housing register

Ukraine guests that are looking to remain in the UK can now apply for housing via our housing register.

Applicants will need to complete a housing application

The proofs that have been agreed that all Ukrainians will need to provide are as follows:

  • ID (if available)
  • Letter from County Council confirming their name and address of sponsorship placement
  • The letter confirming, they have been successful under the Ukraine family scheme (if applicable)
  • Proof of national insurance number

Last updated: 15/03/2024 14:47