Charity stall on Hinckley Market

Charity stall guidance notes

Applying for a charity stall licence guidance notes

Please read these notes carefully and contact us if necessary before taking any action in relation to your application. Please ensure that you fully understand the conditions of the licence before making your declaration (application).

  1. You will need to apply for a charity stall licence in order to book and use the stall that is reserved for charities on Hinckley town centre’s market. Only charities are eligible to use the charity stall and it is only available on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays
  2. Generally, you may only make use of the charity stall once in any one calendar year so that other charities may also use the stall. However, there may be times when we may be able to make the stall available to charities for additional bookings
  3. The charity stall is located at the top end of Castle Street in Hinckley town centre
  4. Application Notes

    (a) If you are a registered charity you must fill in your registration number. This will be checked with the Charity Commission. If you are not a registered charity you must supply a copy of your charities constitution, rules or other governing document which lays down the purpose of the charity. However, if you are an exempted charity please write ‘Exempted’ in the registered charity number field

    (b) The brief description of the purpose for which the charity is established and conducted should be provided. Unregistered charities must provide a copy of the full text of this document, as in paragraph 4a

  5. There is no fee payable for a charity stall licence. Applications must be completed in full and supplied to the Cultural Services team accompanied by the necessary original documentation. Required documentation (photocopies will not be accepted):
    • Application form
    • Public liability insurance document (£5 million) valid on date stall is required
    • Employees liability insurance (if required) valid on date stall required
    • Diagram/picture/photo and size of fascia/board (if applicable)

    (a) The minimum public liability insurance of £5 million must specifically cover those items covered by condition 3g & 3h shown in our terms and conditions of using the charity stall

    (b) The employer's liability insurance should cover all of the charity's personnel who are employed and paid to work at the charity stall as per condition 3h shown in our terms and conditions of using the charity stall (volunteers do not necessarily need to be covered by an employer's liability insurance)

    (c) Whilst using the stall you must display the charities name, and registered number where applicable, on a board or fascia and you must provide a diagram, picture or photo of the board/fascia, and specify its size, that you will be using. The lettering must be in a typeface and of a suitably sized font so that it is clearly readable

  6. On receipt of your application and documentation we will process your application and issue your licence. If you have posted any original documents to us then they will be returned to you as soon as possible. If we intend to refuse the application then your charity will have the opportunity of being heard by our appeals panel

If you require any advice or guidance on any aspects of the licence application or the required documentation then please complete our contact form or telephone Cultural Services on 01455 255856 and we will be happy to help you.

Last updated: 09/02/2023 07:14