Getting a stall on Hinckley Market

Advice for new market traders

Hinckley town centre market

To help new traders get started we offer a half rent scheme for the first four weeks. The market has two rent zones, Zone one which are prime positions and Zone two which are secondary positions and attract half rent. Rents are collected on each day of trading by the market superintendent. The rent per stall for a casual trader is currently £29 on a Saturday for a prime position (£14.50 in zone two) and £23.50 on a Monday or Friday for a prime position (£11.75 in zone two). These prices will be frozen for a second year in a row in 2023-24 to support our traders.

Since April 2008, the council has encouraged traders to expand their businesses by offering multi-stall discounts, making it more affordable for traders to have larger stalls.

A casual market trader is someone who has just started trading, or someone who doesn't want to attend every market. If you are a casual trader, your stall rent will be collected each time that you trade on the market. A licence scheme is in operation and a casual trader who has traded with us for a minimum of three months will be asked if they would like to apply. Rents will then be collected via invoice monthly.

If you are thinking of becoming a market trader, the National Market Traders Federation website ( includes lots of useful information. Membership of the federation is not compulsory, however if you decide not to become a member, you will need to obtain the necessary insurance cover elsewhere.

Gary Shepherd, Markets Manager would also be happy to advise you. Gary can be contacted on Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays on 07966 201305.

Last updated: ‎22/03/2023 07:35