Getting a stall on Hinckley Market

How to apply for a market stall

Hinckley town centre market plants and flowers

How to apply

Before applying to become a licensed market trader, you will need to have traded on a casual basis on our market for a minimum of three months. Once you have applied, you will receive an email confirming whether or not you can trade.

Apply for a market stall

After this time, you may be invited to become a licensed trader. Two references will normally be required. Once a licensed trader, you will receive a monthly invoice by post. Your licence will be valid until you contact Cultural Services to terminate it. We will need a month's notice and the licence will run to the end of the following month.

Time period for council to normally approve the application

Two months, subject to receipt of satisfactory references.

What happens if your application is not processed by this council within the normal approved time period (tacit consent)

In order to process the application it may be required to consult other external agencies prior to making a decision. However, should you not receive confirmation that your licence application has been granted or rejected within three months of submission you may commence your business as tacit consent applies to this application.

If you have not heard from us in that time period

Please contact Cultural Services

Complaints concerning the process

In the first instance, please contact Cultural Services. An appeal against refusal to issue a licence will go before the Town Centre Manager. If the decision to refuse a licence is upheld, then there are no further methods of appeal. An applicant my wish to use the council's complaints procedure

Any change in circumstances

Any substantial changes from those detailed in the original application form should be brought to the attention of the council.

Last updated: ‎22/03/2023 07:36