Climate change in the community

About transport and air quality

We all need to reduce our carbon emissions to prevent climate change. This could be through reducing our dependence on car journeys. For those that need a car, the government requires that all new sales of petrol and diesel cars must be electric by 2030.

Air quality and climate change are linked because carbon emissions and local air pollutants generally arise from the same combustion sources:

  • power stations and industry
  • homes and offices
  • vehicle exhausts

Please visit our air quality section for more information.

Electric vehicles use a rechargeable battery instead, or alongside, a petrol or diesel internal combustion engine. The carbon emissions of generating the electricity are much lower than petrol or diesel. Currently, we are making electric vehicle charging points available in two car parks in Hinckley.

For further information

Please visit electric vehicles and charging points

Replacing local car journeys with walking or cycling

This is a good way to reduce carbon emissions and maintain physical and mental wellbeing  at the same time. It is also cheaper than taking the car or bus.

Further information on replacing car journeys with cycling or walking can be found by visiting sustrans website ( Sustrans are a national charity helping to make cycling and walking easier.

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