Climate change strategy - further information

Buildings and land use

We will seek to utilise land for carbon reduction and ensure our buildings are energy efficient.

We will:

  • Review the council house investment priorities to include enhanced energy efficiency measures in the council stock
  • Undertake a review of existing council land, buildings and estates to identify carbon savings and develop an implementation plan based on those findings
  • Monitor the council’s carbon emissions against the baseline report and report these figures annually
  • Utilise our land, where appropriate, to plant more trees and increase the tree canopy cover across the borough to maximise carbon storage and sequestration
  • Support the growth and enhancement of the borough’s multifunctional green infrastructure network and create a better linked habitat network by conserving, creating or enlarging existing habitats and delivering a bio-diversity net gain
  • Increase the use of rooftop solar panels as part of the decarbonisation of electricity
  • Minimise the carbon usage in new development through our local plan policies and development management decisions, ensuring new builds are in accordance with building regulation requirements and planning conditions
  • Use our housing powers to enforce minimum standards for private sector landlords and working with landlords to encourage further energy efficiency measures in properties
  • Promote the council’s collective switching initiative to minimise residents’ fuel costs and ensure resident’s fuel is from a renewable source
  • Target fuel poor/vulnerable households with energy efficiency measures and facilitate access to financial assistance for homeowners to carry out home energy efficiency measures to their properties
  • Encourage active environments within new housing developments, leading to increased cycling and walking
  • Work with businesses to increase the use of solar PV and install other low carbon measures to increase their energy efficiency
  • Support, where appropriate, the potential installation of solar farms

Last updated: 24/01/2023 09:38