Climate change strategy - further information


We will work to decarbonise travel across the council and borough.

The council’s emissions:

  • We will continue to move to lower emission vehicles, machinery and power tools as technology develops and replacements are ordered
  • We will encourage active travel

The borough’s emissions

  • We will promote active travel to residents and businesses
  • We will ensure that the new developments promote active travel through the Local Plan
  • We will monitor and promote the Electric Vehicle (EV) charge points in the borough

In partnership:

  • We will provide new EV charge points at the Hinckley Leisure Centre car park
  • We will work with Leicester County Council (LLC-lead authority) to develop an electric vehicle charging infrastructure strategy for Leicestershire
  • We will support joint initiatives to develop electric vehicle car share opportunities across the county

Last updated: 13/02/2024 10:21