Climate change strategy - further information


We will work with the community to lead change and increase climate change engagement. To do this, we will:

  • Use the council’s communication channels to promote carbon reduction messages to raise awareness and encourage public engagement
  • Work with the county and district councils and other partners to progress joint initiatives
  • Work with schools to bring together a school community around climate change and ensure young peoples' views are heard and acted upon
  • Through our employment and skills taskforce bring best practice together from businesses across the borough
  • Work with the BID to develop a low carbon Hinckley town centre and to share best practice with our key rural town centres
  • Work with rural parishes and farmers on their climate initiatives
  • Work with community champions throughout the borough
  • Lobby central government and MPs to provide powers and resources to support local action
  • Support communities through our voluntary and community sector and partnership structures to provide training and awareness raising
  • Introduce an annual award at our Making a Difference Awards for the most innovative and impactful climate change community initiative
  • Use Environmental Protection and Clean Air Act powers to ensure residents activities are compliant and to monitor and review air quality across the borough
  • Support Neighbourhood Plan Groups in considering their resilience to climate impacts and incorporate locally relevant adaptation and mitigation policies in neighbourhood plans
  • Lead change within the council through climate friendly staff and member initiatives

Last updated: 24/01/2023 09:38