Outdoor noise


Intruder alarms on cars and houses have the potential to disturb a large number of people if they misfire and do not automatically cut out.

Burglar alarms

If you have a burglar alarm, it is important to register it with us. You will need keyholders in case it goes off when you are away from your house, so ask your neighbours or friends (who can get to your house within 20 minutes) to have a set of house keys and the code for your burglar alarm.

When registering an alarm you must provide:

  • The address of the alarm
  • Your name, address, email address and a contact telephone number
  • One keyholder giving their name, address, email address and a contact telephone number
  • A second keyholder if possible, although this is optional

Residents can also update keyholders details and remove their details in this form.

Register a burglar alarm

Alternatively, we can send you the burglar alarm registration form: contact Environmental Health

What happens if my alarm goes off?

If your burglar alarm does go off while you are away and a keyholder is not identified on our records then you may return home to find annoyed neighbours and possibly a large bill from us. The council has powers under certain circumstances to turn off the alarm and can gain a warrant from the magistrates' court to enter premises and silence alarms if they are causing a nuisance. The current charge for silencing alarms out-of-hours is approximately £150.

How to prevent your alarm going off accidentally

An alarm sounding for long periods can also advertise to a burglar that a house is empty. Our advice to prevent your alarm going off accidentally is: 

  • Ensure there is nothing that can fall or blow in front of the detectors
  • Ensure that the alarm is operating correctly
  • Check that all windows are firmly closed
  • If you have a new alarm installed then make sure it complies with British Standard 4737 and has a 20-minute cut-out

Car alarms

If you have a car alarm make sure it is properly fitted and has a 20-minute cut-out.


If your neighbours' burglar or car alarm is sounding for a long period, causing a widespread nuisance and you wish to make a complaint, you can report a noise problem or contact Environmental Health.

If the alarm is going off outside normal working hours, you can contact our Control Centre on 01455 251137. Although we don't operate a full out of hours service, we will try to assist you in silencing the alarm.

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