Sunday 21 July

Due to maintenance, the facility to pay online and our online application forms where we take a payment will be unavailable for two hours from 4:30am to 6:30am. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Once you have your decision

What to do next

Universal credit

Understanding your letter

If you do not understand your universal credit award letter, please contact your case manager (the person you see at the job centre). You will need to send them a journal message with the subject 'payments'.

Universal credit appeals and reconsiderations

If you disagree with your decision, you can ask for it to be looked at again - this is called ‘mandatory reconsideration’:

Universal credit – other financial support

If you receive universal credit but are still struggling to pay your bills, you can apply for other financial support:

Housing benefit and council tax support

Understanding your letters

Information that will help you understand the words that we have used in your housing benefit and council tax support letters (for example, applicable amount, non-dependant deduction, notional income from capital):

Appealing your council tax/benefits decision

If you are not happy with the decision, you can ask us to look at it again or appeal to an independent tribunal:

Discretionary housing payments 

You can apply for extra help towards your rent if you are already in receipt of housing benefit but are in severe financial hardship:

Discretionary discount fund

You can apply for extra help towards your council tax if you are already in receipt of council tax support but are in severe financial hardship: