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Climate change strategy - further information

Buildings and land use

We will seek to utilise land for carbon reduction and ensure our buildings are energy efficient.

The council’s emissions:

  • We will explore opportunities for renewable energy generation and carbon off set
  • We will develop a programme to improve the energy efficiency of all council housing dwellings
  • We will take action to decarbonise council owned buildings

The borough’s emissions:

  • We will develop the Local Plan to include policies for climate change mitigation and adaptations to relevant developments
  • We will install solar panels on Hinckley Leisure Centre to reduce its emissions
  • We will continue to support, where possible, the installation of solar farms and renewable energy schemes

In partnership:

  • We will target fuel poor/vulnerable households with energy efficiency measures and facilitate access to financial assistance for homeowners to carry out home energy efficiency measures
  • We will work with businesses to identify opportunities for carbon reduction and improved energy efficiency measures
  • We will deliver the Solar Together scheme for residents to collectively purchase solar panels
  • We will work with our partners to understand what adaptation measures are needed

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